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Onlarca yıldır çeşitli sektörlerde çalışıyoruz. İnşaat sektörü için inşaat makineleri ve enerji sektörü için uzmanlık alanı (ağır makineler ve uluslararası doğal gaz boru hatlarının inşası için özel makineler) ile ilgili orijinal işimize ek olarak, gastronomi ve turizm, medya alanlarında da faaliyet gösteriyoruz. üretim, tarım, ithalat ve ihracat.

We have been working in various industries for decades. In addition to the original business with construction machinery for the construction industry and a specialist area for the energy sector (heavy machinery and special machinery for the construction of international natural gas pipelines), we are also active in the areas of gastronomy & tourism, media production, agriculture, import & export.


This domain has been operated continuously since 1997. The company's core areas were construction machinery for the construction industry, machine rental for international pipeline construction, advertising clocks and commercial real estate. Domains of this age are among the first domains ever registered. Search engines rate this age very highly because such a long presence appears very trustworthy. This means that everything that is linked to this domain is rated more positively, provided the search engine algorithms are set that way. We therefore offer interested domain operators a link to our website. This domain is currently managed and maintained by the Carpathian Institute. All information on this page is purely informative and does not constitute an offer.

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